Aids and adaptations

What are aids and adaptations?

Aids and adaptations are alterations or changes to help you get around your home more easily

Minor adaptations

Minor adaptations are things like grab rails to help you get out of the bath or changing your taps to lever taps. See more on our examples of minor and major adaptations webpage. If you require a minor adaptation you can contact our surveyor to discuss the adaptation. We may be able to assist you straight away and raise the works to a contractor, if not we will refer you to an occupational therapist. We will treat this as a maintenance order and you will not have to pay for the work.

Major adaptations

Major adaptations are things like stair lifts and ramps.  See more on our examples of minor and major adaptations webpage. If you require a major adaptation contact your local authority or GP. They will arrange for an occupational therapist to come and see you. Occupational therapists are trained health and social care professionals. They help people who have problems with everyday tasks such as preparing a meal, having a bath, getting up or down stairs or getting into bed. When the occupational therapist comes to see you they will look around your home and talk to you about what you find difficult. Tell them about everything that you struggle with and what you think you need help with. They may then suggest certain adaptations or changes to your home. They may also help you learn new or different ways of doing things.

Who decides what I can have?

After the occupational therapist visits you they will make recommendations about what work needs to be done to your home. Only work they recommend will get done.

Who pays for it?

If the work is simple and under £2.000 we’ll pay for it. If the work is over that amount, you or your local authority will have to pay for it. Your occupational therapist can help you apply for a grant from your local authority. The amount of money you will get depends on your needs, how much you earn and the area you live in.

Who does the work?

If your local authority has given you a grant, their contractors will do the work. But they will need to get our permission first. Please ask the local authority for details about when the work will be done. If you are going to pay for the work, you will need to arrange for someone to do this. You must also get our permission first. If work is carried out without our permission, or if it is not to our standards, we may ask you to get it done again.

Maintaining aids and adaptations

We will normally maintain any aids or adaptations that have been fitted in your home. We will not maintain an adaptation if this has been installed and paid for privately. You may have to pay an extra service charge towards this for things such as maintaining a stair lift.

Applying for a disabled facilities grant

The disabled facilities grant is a mandatory ‘means-tested’ financial grant. It helps meet the cost of adapting a property (including mobile homes and houseboats) where a disabled person lives. Find out more on the Disabled Facilities Grant webpage. For the purposes of the grant, a disabled person is someone who:

  • Has a sight, hearing or substantial speech impairment
  • Has a learning difficulty, severe challenging behaviours, a mental health disorder or impairment of any kind
  • Is substantially physically disabled by illness, injury or impairment
  • Is, or could be, registered with the social services department as being disabled

What if I am unhappy?

With the occupational therapist assessment

Please contact your GP or local authority. They may arrange for another occupational therapist to see you and carry out a further assessment.

With our assessment or work we have done

Please contact us and we’ll work with you to resolve the issue. If you are still not happy, we have a formal complaints procedure you can follow.

With the amount of grant I’ve been given

Please contact your local authority as they decide the grant. You may be able to appeal.