Tackling climate change

Climate change is already having an impact on the UK’s weather.

What will happen

Over the next 50 years we can expect the UK climate to be affected in a number of ways:

  • summers will become less humid, hotter and drier
  • winters will become milder
  • rainfall patterns will change with the UK experiencing much more heavy rainfall
  • droughts will become more common, due to changing rainfall patterns
  • extreme weather events – cold snaps and heat waves – will become more severe
  • cloud cover will gradually reduce
  • flooding, particularly surface flooding due to heavy rainfall, will become more common.

What you can do in the summer

  • Drink water throughout the day but avoid caffeine and alcohol as these will dehydrate you
  • Shut blinds and curtains during the hottest part of the day (12 noon to 3pm) to stop the heat getting in
  • Open windows (if safe) and internal doors as this will let the breeze flow through your home
  • Put on the fan, if you have one, if it gets too hot. But remember this will increase your energy bills
  • Turn off any appliances that you’re not using. Things like TVs or Sky boxes give off heat when they’re on standby
  • Have a lukewarm or cold shower before you go to bed. This will help lower your body temperature and you’ll sleep better
  • Wear light-coloured, loose clothes made from natural fibres, rather than man-made materials like nylon
  • If you’re sitting in the garden, wear sun cream, sunglasses and a hat, and (if you can) sit in the shade.

What you can do in the winter

  • Make sure that your heating system is working – run it for a short period of time so that pipes don’t freeze or get damaged:
  • Wear lots of thin layers rather than one big thick layer. The air gets trapped between layers and will warm up – the more air the warmer you will feel!
  • Use your curtains and blinds when you have the heating on to keep the heat in – and keep doors closed to prevent drafts
  • Make sure you have blankets and jumpers so you can easily add a layer or two
  • If you own or run a car ensure that you keep spare blankets in the car in case of a breakdown
  • Have regular hot drinks
  • If you are worried about heating bills then heat the living room during the day and bedrooms just before you go to bed
  • During cold spells it’s a good idea to check on your neighbours – especially if they live on their own or are elderly.

What Catalyst is doing

The housing sector contributes more than a quarter of the UK’s CO₂ emissions. The government is committed to reducing this and we take our responsibilities seriously.

Here’s what we’re doing to combat the effects of climate change:

  • Set up the Green Champions – a group of employees and residents who are working to green-up our business
  • Wherever possible we are using green technologies in the new homes we build and installing insulation in existing homes
  • We are involved in some flagship eco-developments – see our sustainability page for more information
  • We’re improving energy efficiency in our homes by installing high-efficiency boilers when they are due to be replaced, as well as solar panels, heat exchange systems and more

If there’s anything you think we could be doing better, please contact us.

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