Collective energy saving switch service

We’ve partnered with iChoosr to bring you this free collective energy switching service offering access to competitive energy prices, with no obligation to switch.

What is collective switching?

Energy switching isn’t a new idea; however, it’s usually something individual households do by comparing suppliers and energy tariffs before deciding to make an independent switch.

With a collective energy switch, you don’t have to do any comparison work. You just register to join a group auction, and energy suppliers compete to offer the group the lowest energy tariff.

How does our energy switch service work?

We have our winter, spring and autumn auctions running for three months each, throughout 2021. All you do is register your details for the current energy switch auction.

iChoosr will bring together pre-vetted suppliers, who compete to offer you the lowest energy tariff. The energy supplier with the lowest offer wins the auction, and you will be sent an offer. 

It’s then up to you to decide if you’d like to proceed – just because you’ve registered, there is no obligation to take the offer.

Upcoming auctions

Registration for our autumn energy switch auction opens on Tuesday 10 August.

It’s free to take part and there’s no obligation to accept the offer.

Visit our collective energy switch page to find out more.