Are you winter-ready?

The winter months can be difficult for a lot of us. With heating bills increasing and lots of extra outgoings to help keep us safe and warm, it can feel like a lot of pressure.

This pressure can start to affect our emotional and physical wellbeing. Planning ahead, to make sure you feel winter-ready can help to avoid any sudden surprises and ease that pressure.

We’ve put together this winter-ready information page, to help you prepare for the colder months, save money, keep safe and well and be a little more sustainable this winter.

Be winter-ready at home

Be winter ready at homeResident news
December 6, 2021

Keeping your home free from condensation and mould

Making sure all our homes and buildings are maintained to a safe and comfortable standard is one of our top priorities.
WindowBe winter ready at homeResident news
November 22, 2021

Help to keep your home warm, this winter

As the days get shorter and the temperature drops, it’s important to prepare your home for everything the colder months can bring.
Temperature checkBe winter ready at homeResident news
September 29, 2021

Don’t be left in the cold – tips for checking your boiler

With the cold weather approaching, we’ve put together some handy tips to make sure your boiler is working properly.

Keeping safe outdoors this winter

Catalyst logoKeeping safe outdoorsResident news
February 18, 2022

Keeping everyone safe during Storm Eunice

Following the Met Office’s Red weather warning across much of the UK for Friday 18 February, there will be delays to some of our services during this time.
Fallen leavesKeeping safe outdoorsResident news
November 15, 2021

Winterproofing your outdoor space

With winter drawing closer, we wanted to share some top tips for weather proofing your outdoor space to make sure it’s ready for the colder months.
BuildingFire safetyKeeping safe outdoorsResident news
October 25, 2021

Using your outdoor space safely

If you have a balcony, garden or use of a communal space, it’s your responsibility to use it safely to prevent any fire risks. We understand that you want to…

Grants, funding and benefits

Grants, funding and benefits adviceResident news
March 2, 2022

Making your money go further

With energy and fuel prices rising and the general cost of living increasing, getting your money to cover essential items can start to feel tricky.
Grants, funding and benefits adviceResident news
February 16, 2022

Supporting you with essential items for your home, work, or family

The Catalyst Housing Charitable Trust (CHCT) provides small grants for customers in hardship or challenging circumstances through its customer support fund.
Grants, funding and benefits adviceResident news
February 14, 2022

Need some extra funding for a community event or project?

Did you know that the Catalyst Housing Charitable Trust (CHCT) provides small grants to customers, helping them organise events and projects in our neighbourhoods?