National guidelines for your tenancy

The national standard outlines the following requirements:

  • We must give you information about how we allocate our houses, the rent we charge and how long we rent them for.
  • We must show you how we make the best use of available housing and how we take into account the local authority’s housing plans.
  • We must show you that we have a clear decision making and appeals process.
  • We must charge rents according to what our regulatory body says.
  • We must meet all statutory and legal requirements with regard to tenancy agreements.

Rent and service charges

The offers – after listening to you this is what we are doing to meet this standard:

  • We will help you fill in your housing benefit forms
  • We will send you rent statements every three months
  • We will give you accurate information when you need it
  • We will give you advice at the start of your tenancy to prevent you getting into arrears
  • We will give you a choice of payment methods that includes direct debit, swipe card, online and cheque
  • We will help you keep your payments up to date
  • We will give you a payment plan if you are in arrears
  • We will refer you to a debt or benefits advisory service, or signpost you to other services, if you need help
  • We will give you notice if we plan to take legal action to recover debt if you don’t pay your rent or service charges
  • We will make an agreement with you to pay the money you owe before we take legal action
  • We will possess your home for rent arrears as a last resort

Empty properties

  • We will come with you to view the property to see if it is suitable for you
  • We will change the locks and give you three sets of keys when you move in
  • We will give you a list of work that has been done and work that may be need to be done once you move in
  • We will help you if your new home needs decorating
  • We will give you a home that is safe, clean and in good repair
  • We will only allow homes to be empty for a minimum amount of time
  • We will give you a welcome pack about your new home and your rights and responsibilities as a Catalyst resident

Moving home

  • We will help you settle in to your new home
  • We will let and allocate our homes fairly and publish details of how we do this
  • We will give transfer applicants a guide to our transfer scheme
  • We will let you know about all your housing options
  • We will give you information about how we re-let our homes if you ask us for it
  • We will support you with re-housing, if necessary referring you to other agencies
  • We will ask other housing organisations to help you with re-housing if we don’t have property in the area you want to move to
  • We will let you know about services in your local area
  • We will visit you within ten working days of you asking for a transfer, if necessary, to assess your circumstances
  • We will pass information you provide on a medical assessment form to our independent medical expert to decide what type of accommodation is best for you
  • We will process your transfer application within ten working days
  • We will give you a written decision within six weeks of you applying to swap your home with another resident
  • We will review the details of residents on the transfer list at least every two years