Value for money

Here’s what the national standard tells us we must do:

We must manage our resources to provide cost-effective, efficient, quality services and homes that meet your needs.

We must publish information every year to show:

  • What we have spent on different housing services we are required to provide and how much we have invested in new housing
  • How we have got value for money, including how we measure this
  • What future improvements we expect to make, how we will budget for this and how we will get value for money for these

We must ensure you get a say in the services we deliver and the cost when they impact on the service charges we ask you to pay.

The offers – after listening to you this is what we are doing to meet this standard

  • We will give you details of our expenses so that you can check you are getting value for money
  • We will invest in services that matter most to you such as repairs and maintenance and tackling anti-social behaviour