Case study: noise reduction mats

When customers get in touch with us to report a problem with noise, it could be anything from loud music to the sound of a neighbour’s footsteps crossing the floor upstairs.

Recently, a customer contacted us to complain about an ongoing noise nuisance relating to a tumble dryer.

Investigating the noise complaint

The person who made the complaint completed diary sheets for us, keeping track of when the tumble dryer was making a noise. When we contacted the person who had made the complaint and spoke the alleged perpetrator, we discovered that there had been a feud between them for many years.

We also learned that both customers had mental health issues, so we worked in partnership with our Communities team – who support vulnerable residents – to find a solution to the noise nuisance.

Resolving the noise complaint

With our Communities team’s help, we were able to give a grant to the customer whose tumble dryer was causing a nuisance. This money covered the cost of specialised noise reduction mats for their washing machine and tumble dryer, along with carpet and underlay to reduce the sound of their child running and playing.

We’re happy to report that both customers were pleased with the outcome, and we’re continuing to support one resident by referring them to our employment support officer.

This case shows how important it is for us to listen to customers, assess their needs and work in partnership with other specialist colleagues to resolve cases of anti-social behaviour.

Noise reduction mats

We regularly receive complaints from customers about noise from washing machines and tumble dryers.

So we now stock special mats that we can fit in properties where customers’ machines are causing a nuisance, to reduce the noise and vibration they cause. When we fit the mats, we also work with customers to agree suitable times to do their washing.