Our funding

We are mainly funded by grants, donations and fees. A growing proportion of our funding also comes from trusts and charities as well as donations.


We’d like to thank all our funders who keep Southall Day Centre’s doors open to those who need it.

Although we’re independently managed, we are affiliated to Catalyst Gateway and Catalyst Housing.

We depend on commissioning and grants from local authorities (Ealing council is our largest funder) and other statutory bodies to deliver our core services. A growing percentage of our funding also comes from trusts and charities, and smaller amounts from donations and membership fees.

We have a good fundraising track record. Current and past funders include:

  • City Bridge Trust
  • Tudor Trust
  • European Social Fund
  • City Parochial Foundation
  • National Lottery Charities Board
  • Help the Aged
  • Lloyds TSB Foundation

We have urgent funding needs. We’re always expanding our services and membership, so we’ve outgrown our current premises. We need more rooms and new equipment to improve health care and rehabilitation for older people and people with disabilities. And we want to develop new services to train young people.


We’d like to thank our fantastic partners, without whom we couldn’t provide such a vital service to disadvantaged people across west London. Contact us if you have any questions about our partnerships, or want to get involved as a partner. Our current partners are:

  • Ealing Social Services: Outreach Carers Support Project – based at the Milap centre, supports carers and the people they care for. This includes making home visits, and helping to obtain benefits, direct payments and other help from the council. We also run surgeries for the outreach project in West End Surgery, Elthorne Park Surgery, and Gujarati Women’s Group
  • Ealing Social Services: Care Management Clinic – the Milap centre has a social worker who can provide all sorts of advice to members
  • Ealing Primary Care Trustwe work with Ealing Primary Care Trust to give our members vital information about health and well-being
  • Asian Family Counselling – a well established charity, set up to fulfil the needs of Asian families by providing a culturally sensitive counselling service. They deliver expert counselling services at the Milap centre
  • Ealing Community Transportour partnership with Ealing Community Transport helps our disabled members to get around in a minibus fully equipped with a tail lift. Not only does the minibus allow more frail members to visit the centre and enjoy the activities there, it also takes us on day trips, cinema visits and more
  • Lawta immigration law service – provides help and advice on immigration and nationality issues
  • Ealing housing benefits – provides weekly surgeries offering advice in our Western Road centre. This helps both the members and the council
  • Ealing libraries – regularly make available a wide range of books, DVDs and CDs
  • Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) – we’re very pleased to hold a certificate from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). We were awarded for being the best-used surgery of its kind in the borough of Ealing. The DWP hold a weekly surgery at both centres to advise on benefits. We’re also authorised by the DWP to authenticate documents needed for submission with claims for benefit. So we can help you get the benefits you’re entitled to
  • East Berkshire College; Lifelong Learning Centre – together we provide accredited training courses to help our members get ahead in life
  • Rethink – we offer Rethink a base in Southall where they’ve set up a local support group to help carers caring for people with mental illness