Make a difference in your community

The best way to make a difference in your community is to get everyone involved by starting a residents’ group.

What is a residents’ group?

This is a formal group of residents who represent the community and work together to make a difference. The group can include tenants, shared owners, leaseholders, and homeowners. These groups work with us and represent the views of their local area.

Why start a residents’ group?

There is so much you can do as a residents’ group – working together to:

  • Tackle issues and find solutions
  • Represent people’s views
  • Maintain standards where you live
  • Campaign for local issues and improvements
  • Help resolve disputes and address anti-social behaviour
  • Organise social events and other activities
  • Create a positive working relationship with your housing association

Want to find out more? Take a look at our guide to setting up a residents’ group PDF (249 KB)