We are a housing developer with a difference.

Catalyst are expert developers of homes and have a proven track record in estate regeneration. We expect to develop more than 7,000 new homes for sale, shared ownership and rent by 2020 – working independently and in partnership with local authorities and others.

Our creative design, effective urban planning and high quality development is underpinned by our long-term interest in every neighbourhood in which we work. By adopting a ‘stewardship’ role, we ensure that the places that we create are well maintained and managed, look great and remain desirable places to live and relax.

The real difference with Catalyst is our award-winning community development work, which provides life-changing opportunities for local people. This long-term community investment is integral to our development work and, by providing education and skills training, employment opportunities, youth work, financial advice and other opportunities – long after the last brick has been laid – we help improve the lives of hundreds of people every year in the communities where we develop.

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