Transforming your Catalyst contact: FAQs

We have centralised our customer contact points and changed how your queries are answered to make your experience with Catalyst simple, effortless and convenient.

Here are some answers to your frequently asked questions.

Why can’t I contact my neighbourhood manager anymore?

For us to improve the services we offer, we have placed customer queries that were previously handled by the former neighbourhood manager role to be handled by our specialist teams and our digital neighbourhood service centre.

We have progressed the former neighbourhood manager role to neighbourhood experience managers. They work closely with our specialist teams and local organisations to plan services for your neighbourhoods.

Our allocations and tenancy management teams also now deal with a range of things for customers that used to sit with the former neighbourhood manager role. This includes signing customers up and managing their tenancies whilst they are with us.

Who do I contact if I have a query?

So that you can get what you need from us quickly, we have set up a digital neighbourhood service centre.

You can contact the centre by:

What kind of queries can I contact the digital neighbourhood service centre about?

Our digital neighbourhood service advisers are equipped to deal with ALL customers queries. This includes things like tenant permissions, repairs, rent, service charges, homeownership, maintenance, cleaning and caretaking.

What if an adviser can’t help me?

So that we can answer your queries first time, our advisers will continue to be  trained and upskilled regularly to assist you with all enquiries. Where it’s better for a specialist team to assist you, our advisers will get you to the best person to help quickly.

The digital neighbourhood service centre has also started using Ask Catalyst – an online internal database where we can see the answers to all possible customer questions. So when someone calls or emails us, they’ll have all the information to hand.

What can I do if I’m not happy with your service?

If for any reason you are unhappy with our service, you can contact our digital neighbourhood service centre where we’ll try to understand what has happened so that we can make it right quickly for you.

Why have you made these changes?

We have listened to your feedback and you have told us that you:

  • Do not want to repeat what you are contacting us about
  • Want an easy way to contact us when you need to
  • Would like us to get your queries sorted quickly

So that we can make sure we deliver these requests we have set up a central point of contact in the digital neighbourhood service centre. This will help us make sure:

  • We have a full log of all of your enquiries, and can easily update you where and when we need to
  • We can resolve your queries first time
  • You have an easy way to access us and the information you need

What does mobile working mean for us?

We have created a mobile team so that we are agile in the services we deliver and so that we are working flexibly across multiple locations to give you what you need. This means you’ll have access to one-to-one contact with our teams on scheduled days beside the range of channels we’ll have available for you.

When will these changes stop?

Our aim is to deliver a intuitive, telepathic service for you where you feel that we are one step ahead in solving your problems and understanding what you need from us. This means that for us to continually make our services better, we’ll continually change our services and processes.