Repairs: making it easy for you

We’re committed to making it easy for you to get the service you need from us.

In 2018, we did a review of our repairs service using your feedback. Here is a summary of what you said about our repairs service and how we’re improving it.

You told us:

Better communication
‘They have to follow things up. Communicate better with the tenant about what’s happening.’ (Ealing)
‘More communication between phone staff and contractors. Make sure contractors are more informed.’ (Kensington)

We have:
– Created a dedicated telephone line for you to speak to the repairs team directly in your area
– made sure an appointment is made with you when you call with an aim to complete the repair within 7 calendar days of your first enquiry to us

Improve appointment times
‘They need to be more flexible around people who work, as I had lots of people showing up when I was working so I couldn’t get the repair done.’ (Brent)
‘Maybe have a phone call one or two hours before they are coming.’ (Ealing)

We have:
– More flexible appointment slots. You can choose from one of our 4-hour appointment slots: 8-12 noon, 12-4pm and 4-8pm Monday to Friday, and 9am-1pm on a Saturday; school runs and first and last appointments of the day are also available

Improve how long it takes to complete a repair
‘The appointments take too long, normally its three weeks. They are fine but waiting is too long.’ (Ealing)
‘Make it quicker, there is too much faffing around, and better communication.’ (Oxford)

We have now introduced a new service so:
– You will receive a text message or email confirming your appointment within 1 hour of your call
– You will receive reminder texts 48 hours before your appointment, 9pm the night before your appointment and when your repairs contractor is on their way to you
– If your repair can’t be completed on the first visit, the contractor will make a follow-up appointment during your initial appointment

Customer satisfaction
In order to make sure that you receive an excellent customer experience every time, we’ll continue to capture your feedback in two ways: 
– You’ll have the opportunity to comment on your experience with our contractor 
– Within an hour of your repairs job being completed, we’ll send you a text asking you to answer yes or no if you were satisfied with your overall repairs service
If you answer no, we’ll call you to find out what’s gone wrong and ask how we can put it right for you. Each of our new repairs contractors has been set targets with an emphasis on customer satisfaction. We’ll be closely monitoring this. 

Get involved
If Voluntas contact you to ask your feedback about our services, please take the time to talk to them. We’ll use your view to improve our services.

Anything you tell Voluntas is treated as confidential and we’ll only contact you to find out more if you tell Voluntas we can do so. Voluntas follow a strict code of conduct and any information you give them will be treated in line with data protection law.

For more information on how we use your personal information, please look at our privacy policy.