Looking after your home is a joint effort. Your tenancy agreement tells you the things that we are responsible for, and the things that you are responsible for. 

We’ll work with you to make sure your home is looked after. When it comes to repairs to your home, your tenancy agreement tells you the things that we are responsible for, and the things that you are responsible for.

What will we repair?
We will repair and maintain the structure and exterior of your home and any communal areas like stairways and lifts.

Inside your home, we carry out the following repairs:

  • heating systems including the central heating
  • water and gas pipes
  • electrical faults
  • window catches, cords and frames
  • kitchen units, worktops and flooring
  • air vents and extractor fans
  • sinks, baths, toilets, showers and taps
  • chimneys

We may be able to repair other things too, these will be stated in your tenancy agreement. If you can’t find your tenancy agreement, please call us on 0300 456 2099.

Do I have to pay for repairs?
If something stops working or develops a fault, we will fix it for free. We will only charge you for repairs if you’ve intentionally or wilfully caused the damage.

How do I report a repair?
If you would like to report a repair, you can call us on 0300 456 2099, email us on , fill in our online form or visit us in person.

How fast will we fix the problem?

  • If it is an emergency, we will respond within 4 hours and complete the work  within 24 hours.
  • We aim to deal with all non-emergency and routine repairs within 7 days. You may have to wait longer if we need to order specialist parts or materials.

What is an emergency repair?
An emergency repair is when there is an immediate danger to people or a risk of serious damage to property.
Examples are:

  • a dangerous electrical fault
  • a serious water leak
  • a complete loss of lighting, electricity or water.

Non-emergency and routine repairs
For all other repairs, we aim to offer you an appointment within 7 calendar days. Examples of other types of non-emergency repairs are:

  • fixing internal door handles
  • replacing taps
  • ease and adjusting a window or door
  • reglazing a window after an emergency board up

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