Rent and money

It is part of your tenancy agreement to pay your rent and any other charges for your home including your service charge.

All Catalyst tenants need to pay rent. Some residents also have to pay a service charge which is used to pay for the upkeep of the communal (shared) areas such as stairways, lifts and gardens.

We review our rent and service charges once a year, usually in April. If your rent or service charge changes, we will write to you at least a month before it changes.

If you receive housing benefit, you will need to let your local council know when your rent changes, so they can change their payments. If you want to appeal against a rent increase you can apply to the First-Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber – Residential Property).

Your rent 2020-2021

The way that housing associations set their rents is determined by government regulation. For the last four years, Catalyst like all other housing associations, has been required to reduce rents by 1% a year. This is changing.

The government’s 2020 Rent Standard, which guides how rents will be set for the five years from April 2020, says that housing associations can now increase social and affordable housing rents by a maximum of inflation plus 1%.

After careful consideration and consultation with our Board, we will be applying a 2.7% rent increase from April 2020, which will affect all customers that pay us rent.

Having not increased rents for four years, we believe this rent increase strikes a balance between being affordable for residents and helping us invest in homes and communities.

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