Employment and skills

Are you a Catalyst tenant looking for work or training? We’re here to help.

Our employment and skills support programme is dedicated to helping our tenants take the steps they need to find and sustain suitable work.

We appreciate that not everyone is job ready and whether you have been out of work for four weeks or four years we can support you to overcome your barriers.

We can help you with:

  • 121 support from a qualified advisor
  • creating a personalised action plan
  • identifying your key skills and abilities
  • developing a winning CV
  • perfecting your interview skills
  • building your confidence
  • improving your communication skills
  • targeted job search – all of our tenants are eligible for an account with our online job search tool myworksearch

What makes our service special?

We work closely with other local organisations to make sure our tenants have access to the best local provision their borough has to offer. If you need work experience, training or specialist employment advice we are up to date with local opportunities to signpost you to.

For more details please contact us.