do$h+: help with managing money and getting online

Our Do$h+ service provides one-to-one support with managing your money (budgeting, benefits advice) and digital training to help you use online services confidently. 

Funded by the Big Lottery theme Reaching Communities, Do$h+ is a joint initiative with local community organisations and other social landlords in London.

Currently it is running in Ealing.

Our Do$h+ service provides one-to-one support to help you with:

Money Matters

  • Benefit Checks – offering you free, confidential information advice on benefits and assisting you with claims.
  • Budgeting Helping you to develop a realistic household budget – identify your ‘incomings’ and ‘outgoings’, helping you to sustain your tenancy, anticipate changes to welfare reform and adapt new money management skills.
  • Maximising income – claiming appropriate benefits, looking at switching energy suppliers, tax advantages and sources of income
  • Access to grants

Digital Training

  • Getting connected online
  • Creating your own email address
  • Claiming online benefits including Universal Credit
  • Find ways to save online
  • Find something of interest online- exclusive discounts and vouchers, starting a new hobby


  • Access to debt advice
  • Access to other support services


For more information or to book an appointment please contact Deborah Morrison on 0300 456 2099 Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm or email: