London Living Rent – St Bernard’s Gate

London Living Rent (LLR) is a new type of affordable housing, created to help households on average incomes in London save for a deposit to buy a home. It works by offering you a place to live and charging rent at a cheaper price than you’d pay if you were renting privately. By paying less rent, you’re able to build up savings so you can put down a deposit on a shared ownership property in future.

**Applications for London Living Rent properties at St Bernard’s Gate are now closed.**

How does London Living Rent work?

Applicants are offered a property to rent for five years. Over those five years, the tenant can save up to buy the property they’re living in on a shared ownership basis at the prevailing market value.

We’ll keep in touch with tenants every year to see how they’re getting on saving for their deposit, and offer information about other shared ownership options we develop during their tenancy.

During the final year of the tenancy, we’ll remind the tenant that they must either purchase or vacate the property by the end of that year.

If tenants don’t purchase within five years, the tenancy will end and the property will be offered to another eligible applicant.

London Living Rent properties at St Bernard’s Gate

We’re pleased to be able to offer 20 LLR homes (14 one bedroom and 6 two bedroom) within the St Bernard’s Gate Development in Southall. The apartments are brand new and come with fitted kitchens. Due to limited availability, please note there is no parking available for these properties.

Am I eligible to apply for a London Living Rent property?

You can apply for an LLR property if:

• you’re currently living in a private or social rented property in London

• you have a maximum household income of £60,000, and you don’t have enough savings to be able to purchase a home in the local area on the open market. An Independent Financial Advisor will assess applicants to make sure that they are currently unable to afford to buy a home

• you’re earning enough to be able to save for a deposit. We need to be sure that applicants have the potential to save for a deposit over the tenancy period. So we’ve set a minimum household income that applicants need to be earning to apply for the scheme. The minimum household income is based on the Market Rent in the local area. At St Bernard’s Gate the minimum household income requirement is:

• £39,000 for a 1-bedroom apartment
• £46,000 for a 2-bedroom apartment

Priority will be given to applicants currently living and/or working in the London Borough of Ealing, or current social tenants in the London Borough of Ealing.

For two-bedroom homes, priority will be given to families with children.

Rent setting

The Greater London Authority (GLA) publishes benchmark rents (which include service charges) by number of bedrooms for new LLR homes in every ward in London. Rents will increase with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) annually. The current rents at St Bernard’s Gate are:

• £709 per month for a 1-bedroom flat
• £788 per month for a 2-bedroom flat

During their tenancy, tenants are responsible for covering the costs of all bills, council tax and utilities.


Tenants are required to pay one-month’s rent as a deposit, in addition to one month’s rent in advance before they move in to the property.

We’ll register all deposits with the Deposit Protection Scheme within 30 calendar days of letting the property to the tenant.


We’ll check the eligibility of each applicant against the criteria explained above. Eligible applicants will be offered the chance to meet an independent financial advisor, who’ll carry out further financial checks. Once these are complete, the applicants will be able to view the properties available at St Bernard’s Gate. Properties will be allocated on a first come, first served basis to eligible applicants.


**Applications for London Living Rent properties at St Bernard’s Gate are now closed.**