Living in your shared home

Rent and service charges

As a shared owner, you’ll pay rent for the percentage of the property that you don’t yet own. Every year, we calculate your new rent and will write to you to confirm what your new rent will be.

Depending on your new home, you’ll also pay a service charge. This covers a proportion of the cost for the services, management and maintenance of the your building and development where you live. This could include communal repairs, caretaking and cleaning, building insurance, fire safety checks and management fees.

Find out more about rent and service charge.

Repairs and home improvements

We’ll work with you to look after our blocks and your home. 

Home improvements

Moving home is an exciting time – and we know you’ll want to start decorating as soon as possible. If you are planning any home improvements or alterations to your home, you may need to let us know before work begins.

Contact us today to find our more about home improvements.