You may need consent from us before you sublet your property, but we will help you through the process.

Subletting your home is when you rent the whole of the property, or part of the property, and give your tenant exclusive use of all, or part, of the property.

We may withdraw consent to sublet where there has been a breach of lease or agreement by the home owner, tenant or visitor to the property.

Leasehold properties

Properties owned outright are usually permitted to sublet their home subject to the terms of their lease. Any consent required by us will not be unreasonably withheld.

To sublet your home you will need to submit a request to our Home Ownership team who can discuss with you the information needed to help with your request. 

Shared Owners & Equity Loans

Shared ownership properties are affordable housing products and so subletting is not permitted. This restriction forms part of the fundamental clauses in your lease.

In exceptional circumstances Catalyst will consider granting you permission for a limited period of time.

Please contact us directly if you intend to sublet your home.


Lodgers are not given any exclusive use or a tenancy agreement, however their privacy should be respected.

Home owners do not need consent from Catalyst to take in a lodger. You will need to inform us of the details of the occupant/s, and you will remain responsible for compliance with the obligations in your agreement with Catalyst.

Home owners are not permitted to use their property as a guest house or for frequent lodgings such as through Air B&B.

For more information on renting a room to a lodger the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government  have published a booklet on Letting rooms in your home: A guide for resident landlords

More information

Please contact us if you are considering to sublet your home