We can fix any outstanding issues – known as defects – that might appear in a newly-built home after you have moved in.

What is a defect?

A defect is different from a repair. It usually means something has not been finished properly in your home or there is a fault with a component (such as a door entry system, heating controls, light switches/fittings etc). A defect can also be a problem to do with the structure of your building (such as shrinkage or settlement cracks in plasterwork or badly fitting windows and doors).

Defects do not include everyday maintenance, accidental damage, wear and tear or misuse of equipment.

What is a defects period?

New properties have what is called a ‘defects period’ when the builder is responsible for repairing certain faults and problems.

The defects period is typically 12 months after the handover of your property to Catalyst. It is not 12 months from the date you move into your home.  When you move in, we’ll tell you how long the defects period is for your property.

Which homes have a defects period?

Defects periods apply to all new build homes and other properties if there is some unexpired warranty (see below).

How do I report a defect?

If you discover a fault, please call us as soon as possible on 0300 456 2099.

If the builder is responsible we will ask them to put it right. If you are responsible for it, you will have to pay for any repairs or maintenance. The contractor who built your home will contact you to arrange a time to visit your home and sort out the problem. Some defects may not be put right straightaway – but we’ll tell you if there is going to be a delay and why.

What happens at the end of the defects period?

At the end of the defects period we will inspect your home. Before the visit, you might want to make a list of any defects you know about. You may be asked to sign a list of defects, but only sign this if you’re happy that everything is included.

If defects are not included in this list, they will not be dealt with by the builder and then can only be repaired under warranty (see below).

Extended warranty

Newly built homes also benefit from the National House Building Council (NHBC) warranty, the Building Life Plans Claims (BLP) or a similar plan. This warranty is an insurance policy which comes into effect 12 months after the completion of the building. NHBC cover lasts up to 10 years and BLP cover lasts up to 12 years. When you purchase your home your solicitor will normally give a copy of the NHBC certificate to you and your mortgage lender. You need to keep these documents safe in case you need to make a claim.