Home improvements

If you are planning improvements or alterations to your home you might need to let us know before work begins.

Generally you can carry out minor works such as putting up shelves or decorating without our permission.

But if you want to carry out any structural changes such as taking down or putting up walls/partitions or building an extension, you will need our permission before you start any work.

You will also need to comply with any building regulations and/or planning requirements and any works must be carried out by a reputable builder. We will need to see details of your plans and who will be carrying out the work and you will need to send us copies of all invoices and receipts.


When your home is valued for staircasing, the value may include any home improvements you have done. This may not always reflect the full cost of the improvements but it will reflect any value added to your home by the improvements.

More information

Contact us to find what improvements you need to register with us