A guide to your service charge actuals statement

  • Annual block estimate: is the amount we estimated each item would cost for the year
    for the all properties in the block. (1 on example statement below)
  • Actual block cost: is what each item actually cost for all properties in the block for
    the year. (2)
  • Difference: is the difference between the estimate and the actual cost for the block. If
    the estimate was less than the actual cost, we show the difference as a negative number. (3)
  • Actual cost to you: is the portion of the actual costs you have to pay. The block costs
    are divided between individual homes in the way that is detailed in your lease. (4)
  • Difference to estimate: shows the difference for you between the estimated cost and the
    actual cost for the year. (5)
  • Total annual deficit: is the amount which is carried forward to your next year’s service
    charge estimate. (6)

Example statement:

Service charge actual