Help improve your local neighbourhood

Here is how you can get involved to improve your local neighbourhood.

Residents’ forum, group or association

Help improve your neighbourhood community by joining a local residents’ group. These groups work with us, and other local service providers to represent the views of their local areas.

Residents’ groups can:

  • champion the needs of their area
  • provide feedback on our services
  • act as a point of contact between the group and Catalyst
  • keep residents up-to-date about issues affecting their area

If you get involved with a local group you can also learn valuable skills such as running meetings, project management and report writing.

Block representatives

As a block representative you’ll be a formal link between a group of residents and Catalyst. You can represent a local block of flats, a street or a community group. You will get to know your neighbours and find out what they think could be done to improve services or change things in your area.

Kensington Residents’ Forum

This forum represents all Catalyst residents living in the boroughs of Kensington & Chelsea, Westminster and Hammersmith & Fulham. The forum promotes the interests of residents by bringing about continuous value for money improvements in housing services and the customer experience.

West London Residents’ Forum

This group represents residents living in the London boroughs of Barnet, Ealing, Harrow, Hillingdon and Hounslow. It works with Catalyst to look at services and suggest how we can improve them.

Catalyst Brent Residents’ Forum

This forum represents and includes Catalyst residents living in the London Borough of Brent. Members work with other residents to find out local priorities and then work together to improve their neighbourhood.

Catalyst Brent Community Elders’ Forum

This constituted group is designed for older residents living in Brent. The group discusses and tackles issues which affect older people in the area.

Older Tenants’ Forum

This group organises social events and activities for older residents living in west London. These can include trips to the seaside, ‘bring a dish’ events and exercise classes.

Special events

We hold local events so we can meet as many residents as possible. These include informal ‘meet your neighbour groups’, workshops or parties.