Catalyst Residents Federation

The Catalyst Residents Federation is the overall guardian of resident involvement in Catalyst, and works with residents to improve services.

The Catalyst Residents Federation (CRF) is the umbrella organisation for all Catalyst residents and acts as the overall guardian of resident involvement in Catalyst. It facilitates and supports our resident involvement activities whilst providing an overview on how we can improve.

Residents on the CRF are elected from the various residents’ groups across Catalyst neighbourhoods in London and the south east.

For more information about this group visit the CRF website.

Contacting the CRF

If you have a question for the CRF or an issue you feel the CRF should know about, please contact them on:

  • call: 07742 691 805
  • email:

CRF newsletters

The CRF works with Catalyst’s communications team to produce a newsletter every 6 months:

CRF newsletter Jan 2018

CRF newsletter July 2017

CRF newsletter Jan 2017

CRF newsletter July 2016

CRF newsletter Jan 2016

CRF newsletter July 2015

CRF newsletter Jan 2015

CRF newsletter June 2014

CRF newsletter January 2014

CRF newsletter July 2013

Other documents

CRF Action Plan 2014-15 (174KB)

CRF Impact Assessment (299 KB)