Help improve our services

 We are accountable to residents and work with them to check our performance and improve services.

In compliance with the Homes England’s Regulatory Framework, we work with residents to hold our organisation to account, scrutinise services and where necessary drive service improvements.

Residents can hold us to account if we have not met targets by contacting us. Residents who take part in procuring suppliers can help to decide the criteria suppliers are assessed and the requirements needed in the contractors to meet our service needs.

We recruit residents by advertising on our website, through newsletters, at events and by writing to residents.

Below are details of how we work with residents:

The Catalyst Board

We have a resident on our main board who monitors our performance. They assess whether we are responsible, ethical and are compliant with regulatory and legal requirements. The board member makes sure we are transparent by scrutinising whether we are financially stable. He or she also examines whether we are collecting enough rent and are methods are effective, fair and justifiable.

Catalyst Residents Federation

The Catalyst Residents Federation is the umbrella residents’ group for all Catalyst residents. It holds us to account by scrutinising our policies and procedures, and is the main group we consult with. The group also provides a central point of coordination for involvement, mentoring and support of resident groups.

Scrutiny Panel

The Scrutiny Panel drives continuous improvement at Catalyst by making sure your views and priorities are at the heart of our work. The panel monitors our performance, carries out in-depth reviews of different services, suggests improvements and challenges us when services are not working well.

Disability Forum

This forum is designed for people with disabilities, carers of people with disabilities and anyone with an interest in the issues that disabled people face. It helps us deliver improved services for disabled residents. We meet members regularly to talk about issues they feel are important, and also invite guest speakers to meetings so where they can talk about their experiences.

Core Group Panel

This group assesses the performance of contractors who provide services to residents. It gets involved in choosing new suppliers as well as monitoring and evaluating contracts. The Core Group Panel is currently involved in the procuring parking, gas and repairs maintenance contracts at Catalyst.

Customer Complaints Panel

This panel gets involved in our complaints and communication handling processes. It reviews complaints, makes decisions and recommends outcomes of complaints.

Street Properties Group

This group represents residents living in street properties and looks into ways in which we can improve services for people living there.

Residents’ panels

By joining a residents’ panel you’ll be able to get together with a group of residents to give your views on specific services such as repairs and maintenance, complaints and local service agreements.

Mystery shopping

Our mystery, or secret, shoppers test our services anonymously to assess how well we respond and how helpful we are. They then report back to us so that we can work on improving our services.