Our stories

Real life stories from residents, colleagues and partners within our communities. Thank you to everyone for talking to us and sharing your experiences.

Residents’ stories

Hear from our residents about their lives within our communities. Their stories cover everything from volunteering and community involvement, to moving in to a new home and their experiences of our services and support.

How our Wellbeing team can help you

The Wellbeing team was introduced in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. We knew that many of our customers would be affected the pandemic and we wanted to let them know that we’re committed to supporting them.
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Lockdown hobbies for happiness

Lockdown has prompted many people to pursue new activities or rekindle hobbies to adapt to a new way of life. Here, we meet two customers who help us explore the benefits of having a creative and positive focus. 
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Communities stories

Hear from our colleagues and partners, to find out more about how their work helps develop and support homes and our communities.

Putting the Joy into Oak Tree House

Find out more about how our Employment and Financial Inclusion team supported Joy to set up her own catering business to start her own catering business and take over the catering at Oak Tree House.
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Share your stories

If you’d like to share your story, please get in touch and ask to speak to the Customer Communications team.