Phyllis Giles

Here is the experience of Phyllis, Secretary of the Brent Community Elders’ Forum.

Phyllis GilesSecretary of the Catalyst Brent Community Elders’ Forum

Phyllis Giles says the Catalyst Brent Community Elders’ Forum keeps her busy after a demanding career in nursing.

“I’ve been Secretary for the past seven years and I’ve got a passion for it; as an ex-nurse I like dealing with people. Some people get to a certain age and become isolated in their own homes. They should get out and mix more.”

Phyllis organises exercise classes for members, along with days out at the seaside, group holidays and the much-anticipated Christmas party.

“We have 96 members now. Within the past three years the forum has grown and I think that’s down to the exercise classes. We have 25 to 30 people coming and quite a few of them say they feel a lot better.