Racial harassment

We treat racial harassment very seriously. If an incident of racial harassment is reported to us, we will investigate and take action.

What is racial harassment

  • Verbal abuse
  • Physical assault
  • Malicious phone calls
  • Threats
  • Property being damaged or vandalised by graffiti
  • Harassment that is because of your colour, race, religion, nationality or ethnic and national origin

If you suffer or witness an incident of racial abuse please report it immediately.

Reporting racial harassment

We take reports of racial harassment from residents or agencies acting on their behalf very seriously.

You can report it to Catalyst by:

What happens next

If you or someone on your behalf reports racial harassment, we will:

  • contact you within two working days
  • investigate all incidents and establish a course of action with you
  • work with the police to investigate the issue because racial harassment is a criminal offence
  • repair any damage and remove any graffiti within 24 hours after taking photographs as evidence
  • provide extra security measures to help you feel safer in your home if needed
  • maintain close contact with you and any witnesses
  • check with you how you feel your case was handled, making sure we take on your views.

Please note that the action we take to tackle the racial harassment will depend on how severe it is.