Our contractors

This page is for our contractors only.

If you are a Catalyst contractor you can download the appropriate documents to help you create a home manual for Catalyst residents as well as the handover O&M summary.

There are links below to the home manual template, the quick guide template and handover O&M summary, as well as our instruction guides.

If you have any queries about any of these documents or the production of home manuals please contact the scheme specific project manager.

Home manual template:

Home manual template

Home manual template local area information:

Home manual template local area information

Home manual template equipment guide:

Home manual template equipment guide

Template for quick guide:

Template for quick guide

Instruction guide:

Instruction guide on how to complete the Catalyst home manual template

Handover O&M summary:

Handover O&M summary 9 November 2012

Instruction guide for the handover O&M summary:

Instruction guide to completing the Catalyst handover O&M summary