Catalyst Housing Charitable Trust

Fundraising strategy – Invitation to submit a quote

Catalyst Housing Charitable Trust (CHCT) is looking for a company/individual to develop a sector-leading fundraising strategy on behalf and tailored to the specific needs of the CHCT and the communities it supports.

The focus will be on:

  1. Ascertain fundraising requirements, potential and ambition of the CHCT and
  2. Create and write a fundraising strategy.

We are looking for a strategy that will go beyond the traditional fundraising methods – one that is truly innovative, that will draw upon methods such as major donor fundraising, events fundraising, direct fundraising and corporate fundraising.

Our aim is to maximise existing funds and secure new resources. The strategy should enable the continued development of effective partnerships and programmes, that build community capacity, and strengthen sustainable communities.

Two months will be allowed for the development and production of a bespoke fundraising strategy.

CHCT was established in 2014. The Trust currently awards and monitors grants given for three types of intervention:

  1. Individual grants
  2. Community chest grants and
  3. Partnership grants (annual budget of £100,000).

In addition, the CHCT fundraises for Catalyst Housing Limited to deliver community project such as do$h Plus.

CHCT works over a number of geographies spanning communities primarily in West London boroughs and in the home counties such as Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Luton.

Fundraising Strategy
Working closely with the CHCT, you will understand the aspiration and ambition of the Trust. You will have contact with Board members and Catalyst colleagues.

You will understand the priorities for both the London and the ounties teams in order to meet our customers’ needs. It is likely that communities will have priorities depending on socio and economic factors including local and national drivers. From talking with the CHCT and your own wider research of customer need, you will create a strategy of how and where to secure significant funding.

We are looking for an innovate fundraising strategy that is both ambitious and practical. We envisage recommendations to include applying to funders. However, we are looking for other ideas – such as, are there fundraising events to be held, partnerships to be made, organisations to target?

The fundraising strategy should be presented to the CHCT Board (at a scheduled Board meeting) both verbally and a written copy. The fundraising strategy should be kept confidential, and the contents/recommendations will be shared by CHCT to partners as required.

Process to apply
If you would like to apply to deliver this piece of work, please submit a detailed quote, including a proposed schedule of work and fixed costings. The budget for this work has a maximum level of £7,000.00 (inclusive of any VAT).

Please submit your quote to Wendy Sweeney by 5pm on 8 December 2020.

Please ensure that you will be able to meet our requirements through our Suppliers Portal. 

Your organisation must be able to supply Data Protection Procedures, Equality and Diversity Policy, and have up-to-date public liability insurance.

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