Demand analysis

Matching property to people

When we purchase or develop land we carry out a demand analysis appraisal to ensure that there are a sufficient number of households interested in the development.

We will analyse both the interest and eligibility of households to reduce the risk. We look at the number of people who are in need of housing in the area, their bedroom requirement, their eligibility and assess whether households have sufficient income and savings to access the development.

We will also consider the number of sites that will be marketing at a similar time (or are in the planning pipeline), attracting a similar demographic of buyers.

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This scatter chart above shows the income and savings demographic in proximity to a potential development site from our registrant database. Applicants with incomes and savings at a level that will most likely mean they are ineligible are coloured red, while those in yellow are most likely to be eligible. This ensures that there is sufficient potential eligible demand for a development and allows us to tailor our marketing. In similar fashion to current housing status we analyse income, savings, bedroom requirements, age and priority group status.