Asset management modelling

Making informed decisions

Catalyst uses local and regional house price inflation (HPI) to highlight the properties and neighbourhoods where there is potential for the greatest benefit from residents increasing the equity they hold in their property.

This model allows us to accurately value stock in specific areas, drilling down to the value (or percentage change in value) of individual properties, giving us greater certainty over future income projections.

The model offers excellent value for money, allowing forecasts to be made without the cost of valuing each property individually. It also provides comparable pricing for new developments, providing accurate sales values and tracking of house price fluctuations around existing communities.

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This map shows the annual capital appreciation of comparable properties in proximity to two potential development sites. Considerable fluctuations in HPI levels within a square mile highlight the micro nature of property markets, with HPI differing significantly on a street by street basis. Properties shown in green have the lowest annual levels of appreciation, whilst those in red have seen the highest level of annual appreciation. The model can also be used to analyse the relationship between current or construction value, capital (de)appreciation and size of property.