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Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking: our statement

As required by the Modern Slavery Act 2015, the following statement outlines what action we have taken to ensure there is no modern slavery in our business or supply chains.

Catalyst Modern Slavery statement

As a registered provider of social housing, we provide 21,000 homes in London and the South East to those in housing need. We manage a number of supply chains across our business to help build, manage, and maintain our homes to a high standard.

We’re committed to help tackle any cases of modern slavery and human trafficking in our supply chain, and our homes, as set out in the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

We always check that contractors who help build, maintain, and manage our homes comply with the act.

As a landlord, we aim to address the needs of our residents, and work with multiple agencies to identify any issues, particularly with vulnerable residents.

Our policies and procedures

Our policies and procedures provide a framework to help identify cases of modern slavery amongst our supply-chain and our residents.

Our current approach includes:

Safeguarding policy and training

Our safeguarding training programme teaches our customer-facing colleagues to spot signs of modern slavery and trafficking when visiting our residents in their homes and on our estates.

Tenancy checks policy

We visit all our tenants on a rolling programme, and will check for any safeguarding issues. If we have any concerns, we will follow up with a visit without prior notice to spot-check.

Whistleblowing policy

We will support anyone working directly for us, or indirectly through a supplier, who raises any concerns about potential cases or modern slavery.

Our procurement Terms and Conditions

Our suppliers are required to comply with English and Welsh laws, our policies, and to understand the needs of vulnerable people in line with our commitment to equality and diversity.

Improving how we monitor Modern Slavery

We are currently transforming the way we are delivering our services, which gives us an opportunity to introduce additional ways of monitoring cases of modern slavery.

These include reviewing:

  • Our supply channels to check they comply with best practice and will include further reference to modern slavery and trafficking, including how we will monitor compliance. Our asset management contracts are being re-procured, allowing us to use this to give these changes immediate effect.
  • Our risk framework, including our internal controls and self-assessment process, will include a yearly review of how our business meets the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act. This is monitored by the Board and Risk and Audit Committee and our Leadership Team.
  • Our policies and procedures, where applicable, to comply with the Modern Slavery Act.