Catalyst Housing Charitable Trust – Organisational strengths review

Invitation to submit a quote
Catalyst Housing Charitable Trust (CHCT) is looking for a company/individual to undertake a strengths review of the CHCT. The funding for this activity is provided through the Big Lottery, Reaching Communities. The funding is to be used to 1) fund the review, and 2) implement any recommendations. In March 2018, CHCT was awarded a grant to deliver do$h Plus in partnership with A2Dominion, ECVS, Gosad and other supporters of the project. Do$h Plus provides interventions to promote financial inclusion, digital inclusion and coordinates Advice Plus – an advice and support service.

CHCT was established in 2014. The Trust currently awards and monitors grants given for three types of intervention. They are Individual grants, Community Chest grants and Partnership grants (annual budget of £100,000). In addition, the CHCT fundraises for Catalyst to deliver community project such as do$h Plus

Organisational Strengths Review
As part of delivering do$h Plus, a three year Big Lottery funded programme, CHCT is required to undertake an independent strengths review. The purpose of the organisational strengths review would be to understand how the CHCT operates, and to make recommendations to build on its strengths and address any issues of concern.

The review should take no longer than a month, and include contact with Board Members, Catalyst customers and Catalyst employees. The review should be presented to the CHCT board (at a scheduled Board meeting) both verbally and a written copy. The review should be kept confidential, and the contents/recommendations will be shared by CHCT to partners as required.

Please read this excerpt from the guidance (from Reaching Communities) about the expectations regarding carrying out the organisational strengths review:

All organisations that receive this funding to build their capabilities must carry out an organisational strength review. This review will help you to identify your organisation’s strengths and also any potential areas for improvement. We advise that you contract a third party to do your review as that will help you think more objectively about your areas for development.

The review should include:
– An analysis of the context in which your organisation works – identifying the factors that are within and outside of your control, and what the priorities are for building your capabilities so that you remain an effective organisation in your area of work
– A two-part assessment of the best way to embed new capabilities in your organisation.
Part one should involve looking back at your organisation’s track record to see where and how it has developed its strengths and to reveal the organisational behaviours that got you there or held you back
Part two should then take into account the type of organisational structure you have, to determine what you need to do to embed your new capabilities.
– An analysis of which new capabilities you need to develop, together with advice on the best way to use your resources to acquire and embed those capabilities

Once this review is complete, your provider should produce a written report of recommendations. You can use it to decide what your priorities for development should be.
Process to apply
If you would like to apply to deliver this piece of work, please submit a detailed quote as to how you would undertake this piece of work, including a proposed schedule of work and fixed costings. The budget for this work has a maximum level of £5,000 (inclusive of any VAT).
Please submit your quote to Wendy Sweeney by email on by 5pm on 28 September 2018.

Please ensure that you will be able to meet our requirements through our Suppliers Portal.
Your organisation must be able to supply, Data Protection Procedures, Equality and Diversity Policy, and have up-to-date public liability documents.