We invited year 4 pupils from Fox Primary school to collaborate in a community art project and create some locally inspired paintings.

Congratulations to the year 4, Fox School winners of our Portobello Square community art project.

Winners – Alex, Umi and Darina will have their artwork displayed on the site hoarding along Wornington Green Road, throughout the delivery of Phase 2b of the Portobello Square regeneration project.

The aim of the project

As part of the regeneration of the Wornington Green Estate, Catalyst invited year 4 pupils from Fox Primary School to collaborate in a community art project and create some locally inspired paintings to brighten up the site hoarding in the area.

Thank you to all the children who took part in the project – from the costumes and colours of the carnival, to the area’s iconic candy-coloured houses, the locally inspired creations were very impressive.

Our three winners each received a gift voucher from a local art shop for helping brighten up the neighbourhood.

Seeing their work live

In September, all the year 4 children who took part in the project visited the site to see the winning artwork on our hoarding.

Everyone was excited to see their names and artwork in magnificent technicolour, and as Alex exclaimed, ‘It was a surprise – but a nice surprise.’

Thanks again to all the year 4 children from Fox School for all their hard work and beautiful artwork.

Come and view their work

If you’d like to see Alex, Umi and Darina’s locally inspired artwork, why not take a walk down Wornington Road, North Kensington, where you can see their work on full display on the site hoarding opposite The Venture Centre.

Find out more about the Portobello Square regeneration project

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