Last year, we formed the customer group ‘Performance Allies’. We caught up with the group to find out what they’ve been up to, and how they’ve been helping us to change the number one thing we know you want to improve –call- backs.

Who are the Performance Allies?

PA: We’re a resident scrutiny group who work collaboratively with Catalyst to help improve services and performance. The group is made up of customers from different locations and tenures, from across Catalyst’s communities and neighbourhoods.

What have you been working on?

PA: For our first project we chose customer communication. We decided to start by focusing

on customer feedback from satisfaction surveys, to find out which areas of communications had the lowest customer satisfaction. We found out that call-backs are one of the main reasons customers are unhappy with Catalyst, so we started here.

A call-back is when Catalyst agree to call you back on a request or issue you have raised.

How do you work with Catalyst?

PA: We work closely with Anna and Paul from the Customer Engagement team who provide us with lots of information on the different areas and teams within Catalyst. We’re all registered on The Garden where there is a private Performance Allies group allowing information, documents and ideas to be shared and discussed confidentially.

For our call-back project, we wanted to discuss some of the feedback with Catalyst managers in a question-and-answer session.

We met with Catalyst’s Contact Centre Manager, Head of Repairs and the Repairs Manager of Catalyst’s inhouse repairs team –Connect.

We’re a resident scrutiny group who work collaboratively with Catalyst to help improve services and performance. '

Do other colleagues get involved?

PA: With the information gathered from the discussions with managers and insight from Customers surveys, we wanted to know what colleagues thought about how they’re performing.

We created a colleague survey to find out more about what they know about the services they provide with a focus on people, processes, and systems. The survey highlighted that there is a need for a larger piece of work to be done as the group felt that some of the information was contradictory and inconclusive. We’ll be looking at next steps and how to improve this in 2022.

What are the recommendations from the project?

PA: We submitted our findings and recommendations to Customer Experience Committee (CEC) in December last year. We’re very pleased that our recommendations to publish more policies on the Catalyst website and use the functionality of their housing management system to its full capability were approved.

Additionally, teams will be implementing changes to automated call-backs for customers using the phone system, as well as embedding timely and proactive call-backs as a service behaviour throughout Catalyst.

What’s next for the Performance Allies?

PA: Moving forward we’ll be scrutinising some of the topics that have come out of our surveys and telephone mystery shopping exercises in more depth. This will include ongoing mystery shopping, workshops, and call centre visits.

You can read the full findings from our Performance Allies call-back project on The Garden.

Do you agree with the Performance Allies?

Is there more that we could be doing to make sure we get back to you? Come along to a Performance Allies meeting and let us know. Get in touch at