The Wellbeing team was introduced in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. We knew that many of our customers would be affected and we wanted to let them know that we’re committed to supporting them in any way we can.

In April 2020 we coordinated a group of colleagues to form our Wellbeing team. The team involved colleagues from all locations across the organisation, who usually work within our communities delivering local projects and services to customers. The first task for everyone on the team was to start making calls to customers, to find how they could help.

Johanna is a Catalyst customer who received a call from the Wellbeing team. She has been a customer for 15 years and up until this year has never felt the need to contact our Communities team for any kind of support or assistance. We spoke to Johanna to find out a little more about how the wellbeing team supported her during a tricky time.

‘Creative writing has always been a passion of mine. I have loved it from the time I was a child and I wanted to become a writer. With this passion I have been a part of a variety of writing groups during my twenties and thirties, and I decided to get my creative writing degree, which I finished at age 40.

‘I had been keeping busy by learning to be a life coach. Because of Covid-19 the lessons were now being offered virtually, which I was finding challenging, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to carry on with it. It was out of my comfort zone, especially with lockdown, it added extra pressure and I was finding it difficult. Learning the new skill proved difficult but I was preserving with it, even though it was challenging in ways I hadn’t expected.’

As lockdown progressed, I felt as if I was struggling to cope. I wasn’t sure who to speak to about the difficulties I was having. I received a call from a member of the wellbeing team, which really helped me.

‘Neda, from the Wellbeing team, said they were calling lots of customers to check in with them and see if they needed any help support. As we talked, I must have mentioned that I was struggling a bit, as Neda said she could put me in touch with SkillsMax.

‘SkillsMax are a non-profit organisation who help people build new skills or rekindle old ones. Speaking with SkillsMax played a huge part in helping me get back on track. Their support helped me carry on, and I hope to be qualified by the end of this year.

‘Lockdown stopped my plans for starting my own creative writing workshops, which I think was also getting me down. With the help of SkillsMax, I realised I can keep going, despite the challenges set in front of me. I have started offering virtual creative writing workshops, which I hope are helping people through this difficult time too.

‘I would really recommend to anyone feeling similarly to me, to reach out to the Wellbeing team. It’s helpful to speak to someone and they can put you in touch with the right support services and networks too. Thank you again to Neda and the team, for  helping me get over this hurdle.’

How can the Wellbeing team help you

Our Wellbeing team offer a range of support services such as befriending and mutual aid groups, access to food banks, emergency fuel and food grants as well as providing digital devices and intensive training to digitally excluded households. The Wellbeing team can refer customers to our employment and skills practitioners and our money and benefits advisors too.

Find out more about how our Wellbeing team can help you.

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