Thank you to everyone who completed our quick poll on The Garden, about our January customer magazine. We received valuable feedback on the articles you found useful and some helpful suggestions for making our layout as accessible as possible.

What you told us

Magazine content

You told us that the magazine offered a good mixture of people stories, programme and performance updates and other helpful information.

Our most popular articles were the introduction to Dee Park café and the pet policy update, which involved real people in our community and the benefit of engaging with us to help make changes.

Layout and accessibility

We’re pleased that you found the layout easy to follow and that the images we use help you focus on the relevant areas.

Most of you found the text easy to read against the background throughout the magazine. However, we did receive a comment about the contrast, not always being great.

Next steps

We’ll be making sure we include more customer and community stories, how your input has helped make a difference and performance updates in future issues.

If you have any ideas or suggestions on topics or issues you’d like to read more about, we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch.

We want all our communications to be as accessible as possible. We’ll be working with our magazine print house to ensure all text and colour contrasts are accessible to everyone.

How you can give your feedback and get involved

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