As many Wornington Green residents will be aware, our contractors were not able to finish the last of the tree removal works on Wornington Green last week due to the actions of a small number of protestors.

As we can begin demolition works on other parts of the estate, we have decided to halt the removal of these final seven trees until the area becomes part of our site. We do not have a firm date on when this will take place, but it’s not likely to happen for another few months.

While we of course continue to understand the strong feeling that some in the community have about the retention of trees on the estate, we are wholly committed to delivering the rest of the Wornington Green regeneration, as it will deliver hundreds of new homes for social rent. Phase 2b will deliver 230 new homes, including 108 for social rent, and we have many customers in the existing homes who are eagerly awaiting their move.

As we have on Phases 1 and 2A, we will continue to work with our residents and stakeholders to ensure they are part of this development and that they can have meaningful input wherever possible on how we deliver the remaining phases of the regeneration.