We held our first complaints experience project meeting in July, following the successful pilot session with involved customers earlier this year.

The group met with our Customer Engagement team to discuss how the recommendations from the pilot session have been implemented and review closed complaints from April-June this year.

All reviewed complaints were anonymous closed complaints from quarter one. The focus for the later part of the session was on damp and mould complaints, concentrating on how the complaint was investigated and responded to.

What did the group tell us?

Using our online community – The Garden – the group looked at each customer complaint and how the team responded.

The group were pleased to see that our complaint responses in quarter one were more precise and demonstrated what we’ve done to investigate and resolve a complaint.

They also felt we’ve started show more understanding in our complaint’s responses too.

Here’s what else the group fed back:

  • We need to make sure we address all areas of a complaint and give clearer answers to all the points a customer has raised
  • We need to review the standard damp and mould advice we give to customers, so it acknowledges the actions customers have already taken to try and resolve the issue
  • Where damp and mould has been identified in someone’s home, we should proactively contact other customers in that block to try and find out whether there are wider damp and mould issues

What we’re doing with the feedback

  • The Customer Resolution team will liaise with our Repairs and Maintenance teams to discuss the following:
    – What additional advice and guidance the team can provide for customers who are experiencing problems with damp and mould
    – The circumstances where it’s appropriate to contact neighbours in the same block as a customer experiencing damp and mould, and how this should be communicated.
  • When responding to a complaint our Customer Resolution team will identify the different areas to demonstrate they’re clearly addressing each point. They will also provide clear guidance on how a customer can escalate their complaint if they’re unhappy with the resolution
  • We’re reviewing our standard stage 2 complaint response to make sure it demonstrates empathy and understanding of individual customer complaints.

Our next complaints review meeting will be held in October. If you’d like to join our complaints experience project and help us improve the way we respond to complaints, you can find out more about what’s involved and register your interest on The Garden.