We are currently running a large integration of our systems. This is to equip our teams with the most effective tools they need to support you, whilst giving you a more consistent service experience across Catalyst.

To allow us to make a seamless switch over, some of our systems will be unavailable on Friday 29 October. This means that you’ll be unable to report any non-emergency repairs or any housing enquiries via telephone on this day.

You can still email us or report a non-emergency repair by completing our online repairs form.

If you have an emergency repair on this day, our out-of-hours service will be available on our usual number.

We’ll be taking all your calls as usual from 9am on Monday 1 November.

We appreciate your patience

Over the next few weeks things may take just a little longer when we’re looking up information and answering your queries as we adjust to the new system. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Your information remains safe and secure

The information we hold about customers in all our existing systems is stored and handled securely and complies with data protection law. For more on this, please read our Privacy Policy.