Moving home can be stressful, so it’s good to know all the choices available before you start your considering options.

If you rent and you’re considering moving, you may think that transferring to another home with us is the easiest and quickest option for you. However, homes only become available when an existing customer moves on, and we therefore only have a small number of unoccupied homes for customers to move into. This means you could be waiting for many years if you choose to rely on an internal transfer as your only moving option.

Why do internal transfers take so long?

The size of your home and number of family members can have the most significant impact on how long you wait. For example, if you want to transfer to a two-bed home, the wait can be up to seven years, and if you’d like a three-bed home, the wait can be 16 years or more. The main reason for this is the high demand for family sized homes.

If you live in an area where we’re building new developments, you may be wondering why we haven’t offered you a new home there.

All housing associations have nomination agreements in place with the Local Authority (LA). This nomination agreement is a legal agreement between us and the boroughs we work with, meaning we have to give them 100% of our new build affordable homes.

Some LA’s will allow you to register on their waiting lists, so it’s a good idea to contact them to find out if you’re eligible.

How can I help speed up my move?

Although an internal transfer may seem like the easiest option available, swapping your home with another housing association resident through a mutual exchange is quite often the quickest way to move.

You can find out more about mutual exchanges and the options available to you in your tenancy section of our website.

Contact us

If you’d like to talk through your moving options or have any questions, please contact our Allocations team, who are always happy to chat with you about the best options available to you.