Over the summer, there may be times when we experience very warm weather. So naturally, it’s tempting to get out there and soak up the rays, but remember, the sun can be dangerous, so it’s a good idea to cover up and stay hydrated when the temperature rises.

But it’s not just about keeping cool when you’re outside – as it gets hotter, our homes can start to feel warm too, making it hard to concentrate and even sleep. Again, it’s tempting to plug in lots of fans and portable air conditioning units, but this can all get quite expensive. So, we’ve put together some tips to help you keep your home cool and save money.

Close curtains and blinds
Keep your curtains and blinds closed during the day to stop the sun bringing in more heat through your windows.

Open your windows in the evening
If possible, open your windows in the evenings. The temperature tends to fall at night, so opening windows allows cooler air to circulate through your rooms.

Go for cotton and linen sheets
Choosing cotton or linen sheets over satin and silk and using light-coloured bedsheets made of light fabrics will help to keep you cooler.

Keep your lights off
Now the days are longer and lighter there’s less need for artificial light. Turn your lights off when you don’t need them and switch to low-energy light bulbs to reduce the heat your lights produce.

Switch off appliances
You’d be surprised how much heat appliances in your home can generate. Turn off any devices you can, when they’re not in use. Your home will be cooler, and you’ll also save money on your energy bills.

Invest in a good fan
A fan can keep you cool and help you sleep during the night, but you need to ensure you’re using it right. Set your fan on the floor and point it upwards – as the heat rises, the coolest air in your home will be at floor level.

Use appliances in the evening
Run your dishwasher and washing machine later in the day when it’s cooler, and only run full loads. Consider air drying clothes where you have the outdoor space.

For more information on ways to keep cool

If you’d like to find other ways to stay cool and keep safe over the summer please visit:

NHS, seasonal health

Beat the heat – gov.uk

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