Fireworks night is a popular celebration with many of our communities. In order to keep everyone safe and able to enjoy celebrations, we ask all residents to be aware of any potential hazards to limit fire risk.

Celebrating safely

If not used correctly, fireworks can be a serious fire risk and cause harm to people and animals as well.

Please remember you’re not allowed to light bonfires or let off fireworks in any external communal areas of your buildings or estates.

If a fire breaks out on your balcony, in your garden or in a communal space, it will spread much faster than inside your flat. This is because there is more oxygen and external conditions – such as wind – to help the fire grow.

Firework displays in your area

Only licensed professionals can use fireworks in public places. Whatever area you live in there are usually plenty of organised fire work displays that you can attend, which is the sensible way for everyone to enjoy fireworks safely.

You can find out what fireworks displays are happening where you live through your local council.

Find out more about fire safety
Check out our fire safety pages for other tips and suggestions and enjoy the celebrations.

You can also watch our short guide to fire safety in your home to find out more about what we’re doing to make sure our homes and buildings are safe, as well as things you can do to stay fire safe in your home.