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New contact centre telephony system is coming soon

By February 6, 2020March 4th, 2020No Comments

We’re aware that some customers have had trouble getting through to us on the phone, or even on occasion been cut off due to a fault with our current system. We’re pleased to let you know that we’ve purchased a new telephony system, to help improve this service for you.

The new system will make sure we can handle all customer communications seamlessly by telephone, email, and social media.

We’re installing the new telephony system over the coming weeks, and it should be ready at both contact centres this spring.

Here is just a few of the benefits the system will offer:

  • A call back option when we’re busy
  • Helpful messages updating you about useful services and initiatives
  • Quick and effective message updates if there’s an emergency, eg emergency evacuation of our office building
  • Call recording service to improve the service that we offer.

How the new system affect you?

The only change you should notice is a smoother and more efficient customer experience with us. Our main contact centre telephone numbers  at Ealing Gateway and Houghton Hall will remain the same, you’ll just be able to get through quicker and with less technical complications.