If you’re a London based customer and currently pay your rent or service charge over the phone, you may notice a slight change in how we take your payment from April.

What’s changing and why?

We currently take your card details over the phone and input them manually into our payment system for you. From 1 April, our contact centre advisors will ask you to tap your card details into your telephone’s keypad instead.

This update will help to keep your card details secure, providing a more accessible and consistent service for you.

Our advisors will talk you through this new way of paying when you contact them to make your first payment. Please contact us via our online enquiry form if you’d like to speak to someone about this new process.

Other ways to pay your rent and service charges

There are many ways you can pay your rent, such as over the phone, Direct Debit and through Allpay. Find out more about the ways to pay your rent.