Wherever you live, you and your neighbours will likely have different values, opinions, and lifestyles. Our Community Safety team are here to work with all our customers to help keep our neighbourhoods safe and enjoyable for everyone.

We encourage everyone to be understanding, and to remember that being a good neighbour involves compromise to help make sure minor disagreements don’t become long-standing disputes.

How to recognise noise nuisance

The most common complaint our Community Safety team receive is noise disturbance.  Although noise can be annoying and stressful, before you make a complaint, it’s helpful to consider whether the noise is persistent and excessive. For example, occasional loud music, a one-off party or some DIY in the evening to complete a task, isn’t a noise nuisance.

The quickest and most straightforward way to resolve any misunderstandings is to talk to your neighbour. Most of the time, people aren’t aware that they’re causing a disturbance. If your attempts at self-resolution don’t work, the next step is to report it to our Community Safety team.

You can find out more about recognising, recording and reporting anti-social behaviour via the Neighbourhood Watch say no to ASB campaign and via our anti-social behaviour page.

Contact us

Please get in touch if you’d like to speak and ask to speak to our Community Safety team about anti-social behaviour.