Throughout the year, we contact customers to find out their views on services across Catalyst.

At the end of last year, we ran our anniversary survey speaking to 622 customers (October – December 2020) who told us what matters most to them and what services they’re most satisfied with.

What matters most to you

The six most important factors for all customers who gave their feedback were:

  • The overall quality of your home
  • Colleagues that show kindness and respect
  • Being easy to deal with
  • Listening to your needs and acting upon them
  • The amount of rent you pay
  • How we handle repairs.

Overall satisfaction

Your overall satisfaction with our service is:

Residents who rent – 77%
Shared owners – 58%

We’re working hard to improve areas such as:

  • Managing repairs to make sure any issues are fixed quickly and to a good quality
  • Demonstrating how your service charge payments are used, including value for money
  • Making sure we’re listening to your individual needs and communicating any actions with you.

How you contact us

Over 70% of customers who provided their feedback had contacted us via telephone.

The main reasons for contacting us were to either request a repair (59%), discuss account queries and payments (9%), or report neighbourhood noise and nuisance (2%).

Did you know you can contact us via our online forms, where you can do the following:

Next steps

We’re working with colleagues across Catalyst to make sure that we can resolve customer queries the first time, when possible.

Working with our involved customers, we’ll be looking at ways to improve overall satisfaction with our repairs service, service charge management and making sure we understand what you want and need from our services.

If you’d like to help improve and shape services, you can find out more on our Get Involved page, including how to join our new online community The Garden