One of the best ways to make a difference in your community is by starting a resident group.

There’s so much you can do as a resident group, from organising social events and activities to tackling local issues and campaigning for local improvements.

Our customer engagement team has recently been working with a group of customers from one of our Brent neighbourhoods to help them set up their resident group.

Paul from the team told us how he’s been supporting the group.

Hi Paul, can you tell us a little more about how you got involved with helping to set up this new resident group?

They contacted us through a community link worker at their local council. They’d been speaking to her about how to set up an official group in the area, and she said she’d get in touch with us on their behalf to see if we could help.

The first thing we always do is provide anyone interested in starting a group with our guide to setting up a resident group. It’s a good idea to read this before you move forward as it goes through all the steps, from finding out who may be interested in joining and building support to drafting your group’s constitution and planning your meetings.

The group were keen to move forward, so the next step was helping them set up their first meeting.

We facilitated a meeting at our local Unity Centre, enabling them to come together and discuss what they want the group to achieve, put together their group's constitution and encourage others to join it.'

How did you help the group set up this first meeting?

We facilitated a meeting at our local Unity Centre, enabling them to come together and discuss what they want the group to achieve, put together their group’s constitution and encourage others to join it.

The Communities team recently launched the first of our wellbeing spaces at the Unity Centre, which was perfect timing. We worked with the group and supported them to attend the launch day and spread the word about the new resident group and how neighbours can join. It was a great success, with lots of people wanting to learn more about how they can get involved.

So, what’s involved in setting up a resident group and why are they a good idea?

A resident group is a formal group of customers who work with us to represent their community. They’re a great way to help you tackle a specific issue, campaign for improvements where you live or help strengthen a community.

For a resident group to be effective, it should represent and include as many customers in your area as possible. So, one of the first things you should do is speak to your neighbours to find out if they’re interested in joining a group and how they’d like to be involved. Then, once you’ve drummed up some interest, you need to consider who the group representatives will be and develop your constitution.

If you want to know more about how we can help you do something similar where you live, check out our guide to setting up a resident group.

Once you’ve read the guide, please get in touch at, and we’ll discuss what’s involved and how we can support you.

Are you interested in joining the Brent resident group?

Brent Council’s community link worker, Jessica, is the lead for our Brent resident group. If you’d like to join and help make a difference in your community, please contact Jessica at

Other ways you can get involved

From projects such as our Performance Allies group or Complaints Experience project to one-off activities where you can share your views and ideas, there’s a range of flexible opportunities to ensure you get involved in the things that matter to you.

Visit our get involved page to find out more.