Are you up for a challenge and want to work in partnership with us to make a difference? We’re looking for different ideas, skills, passions and interests to help us turn feedback into action.

You’ll be our critical friend, energised by getting under the skin of good and bad performance. You’ll enjoy working with others and understand that while we don’t all think or feel the same, we can work together to design solution-focused actions.

Tell me what’s involved

You’ll work with colleagues and customers to ask probing questions and carry out research to gather more information. Your recommendations will contribute to robust and meaningful action plans that our Customer Experience Committee will monitor and report back to the Board.

Our approach is flexible. Rather than having one group, we’re growing a pool of local experts, so you can get involved in projects when topics interest you.

We’re looking for diversity of thought. Our selection process will help us identify a range of different personalities to help us get the best out of every project.

You’ll also receive training to help you get the most out of the experience, and as the group grows, you’ll be able to mentor new members too.

How much time do I have to commit?

No more than 12 hours every three months. We ask that you get involved in a minimum of one project each year.

Due to the current pandemic, our interactions will kick off online. If you need any help or support to get online, get in touch, we’ll be happy to help.

Sounds great – how do I register my interest?

We’ll be holding an online taster session the week beginning 19 April, helping you see if you’d like to get involved. We’ll then invite you to an informal one-to-one conversation to understand more about you and your ambitions to join us.

If you’d like to attend the taster session, please *register your interest by sending us an email by 11 April 2021.

Find out more about what’s involved and complete our quick poll on The Garden

*Please note – customers who responded to our scrutiny forum opportunity needn’t apply again. We’ve got your details, and we’ll automatically invite you to the taster session. If you no longer wish to get involved, let us know.